The Northeast Section of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society exists to provide an educational and professional development opportunities to its members.

Our Officers:

Director: Daryl Smith       203-432-3919        email 

Alternate Director:  Patrick DeFlorio   (978) 369-7545     email

Chair: Preston Smith                  (203) 432-3919  email

Alternate Chair: Sally Prasch     (413) 250-3405         email

Secretary: Bobbi Balsano                 (516) 816-6138         email

Treasurer: Adam Huggard                 (917) 664-4239        email

The board consists of the following positions:


Represents the section on the ASGS national board of Directors meetings two times annually(June and November).

 Gives report of national activities to section members.

Alt. Director:  Assists and fills in for director as needed.

The National Board of Directors meeting are traditionally in person, but have been held remotely.  In the case of an in-person November Meeting,  the section will reimburse economy travel purchased 1 month in advance with notice for the director or alternate.  The June meeting is held at the National Symposium and is not reimbursed.

Chair:  Organizes and plans section meetings, conducts section business.

Alt. Chair:  Assists and fills in for chairman as needed.

Secretary:  Records minutes of meetings, and handles communication with section members, writes report to National Organization to be published in Fusion.

Treasurer:  Handles section finances and financial records.